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Art Print Blinds and Shabby Chic

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Art Print Blinds

You’ve distressed your dresser, scrubbed and bleached the kitchen table. Now why not browse our Art Print Blinds collection for an Old Master to finish off your shabby chic theme to perfection?

Still Life with Basket, Paul Cezanne

We’ve blinds to make bedrooms beautiful or turn living areas into a haven of tranquillity. And to give the perfect rustic French shabby chic feel to your bistro or boutique, what could be more in keeping than a quintessential Cézanne print roller blind?

Yellow Haystacks or Golden Harvest, Paul Gauguin

Brighten breakfasts with a conservatory blind decorated with Gauguin’s Golden Harvest. We have many of his prints available on blinds, but we love the sunny simplicity of this rural scene. You can almost smell the newly-mown hay. A perfect way to create country ambience for a home décor boutique, too.

More tea, Vicar? Dress up tea time into something of a ritual to a backdrop of these exquisite Worcester Tea Ware pattern blinds... as pretty in a traditional tea shop as in your sitting room. For the perfect shabby chic, serve afternoon tea with bone china cups and plates in a colourful mismatch of patterns.

Page from Tea Ware Pattern Book showing Grainger's Worcester China Plate Patterns, c. 1810-1820

Add richness and opulence to living areas with a rose embroidery living room blind to match the brocade, velvet and devoré fabrics for a touch of grandeur. It is the perfect finishing touch for a country house hotel, too. This beautiful example is from Kensington Palace.

Rose Embroidery, Kensington Palace

Pale, pastel colours, lots of white and understated good taste are the key elements in getting the definitive shabby chic interior, a look that began in Britain in the 1980s. How delightfully restful for a bedroom blind is this wistfully beautiful Pale Water Lilies print by Monet?

Pale Water Lilies, Claude Monet

Perfect for your home, and guaranteed to give boutique hotel guests a good night’s sleep, too. It also works beautifully in a bathroom or loo.

Much of the influence for shabby chic came from English country homes, where no downstairs loo was complete without a humourous dog print. Give your cloakroom the country house treatment with this delightful landscape-shaped blind with a Sheila Gill print, which also works as a frieze on a portrait-shaped roller blind.

Three Hounds, Sheila Gill

When you’re browsing for the perfect blind from our extensive collection to complete your chosen look, remember Rule No. 1 of shabby chic – there are no rules, just your own good taste!

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