Our Contributors

We value our close working relationship with our contributors, whose work, we believe, gives our Image Gallery a uniqueness and richness that is second to none.

However, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for within our Image Gallery, but are interested in having a different image from a particular contributor reproduced on your designer roller blind, please let us know, and we will do our best to arrange this for you. Similarly, if you would like to commission a unique image, e.g., a painting or caricature, please tell us, and we will endeavour to help you with this.

You can call us on our freephone number - 0800 085 2055 - or email us at: designstudio@creativelydifferentblinds.com.


Heather Angel abandoned Marine Biology for a career as a wildlife photographer, and now manages her own image library - Natural Visions. Heather spends a lot of time working in China, and her publications include three books on pandas and two on natural China. Her great passions are taking mammals, plants and macro subjects, writing and tutoring photo workshops. Major solo exhibitions of Heather's work have been on show in London, China, Malaysia, and Egypt. www.heatherangel.co.uk

Carol Arnold is a stained glass artist working and living in North Somerset. She was trained at the Bristol School of Art, and has been working with glass for the last 5 years, mainly making stained glass windows to commission. Most of Carol’s work is in leaded glass, combined with some processes such as fusing, etching, enamelling, and painting. www.carolarnold.co.uk

Deborah Azzopardi is a worldwide successful artist, whose work is invitingly flirtatious and fun. Her unique and energetic paintings burst with vivacity and charm. Inspired by life's exposure, combined with extravagant usage of colour and provocative humour, Deborah's paintings provoke thought, imagination and drama. www.deborahazzopardi.com/

John Barlow was born in England, but, from 1991, has lived in Mallorca. Having studied art for five years, he ran his own graphic-design consultancy in London, whilst producing his graphically-inspired paintings for offices and reception areas. His first 'one-man' exhibition - Facades of Pollenca - was held in 1992, followed by several exhibitions since then.

Rowan Barnes-Murphy is an interpretive creative illustrator and artist. He lives and works in Dorset but also spends time in rural France where he has an ancient farmhouse with a converted barn for a studio.He has been a freelance illustrator since leaving Cambridge Art College and his drawings are to be found regularly in magazines and newspapers all over the world. www.rowanbarnes-murphy.com/


Jane Bristowe, exhibitor at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2010, and shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year 2008, combines her clear and distinct use of line with passion for colour. Her innovative linocuts display her inventive, artistic imagination, capturing the simple appearances and character of a great array of animals, and have placed Jane among the best of this genre working today.  http://www.janebristowe.com/


Tabatha Carr is an American artist committed to bringing her design of 'cute' characters to the world. Dedicated to character design since 2011, Tabatha has developed a wide range of kawaii-style characters that have become a big part of her licensing business, Kawaii World. Her characters stand out due to their positive message and sense of humour. Kawaii World is a place to play games, smile and have fun. 

The photographs of Charlie Chaplin are cared for by Association Chaplin, created by the Chaplin heirs to protect the name, image and moral rights linked to the works of their father. These photographs came from the Chaplin Studios in Los Angeles and from Switzerland. Portraits and poses of 'The Little Tramp' were publicity stills, mostly taken before 1920s. Many of the photographs from 'The Kid' (1921), 'Modern Times' (1936), 'A Dog's Life' (1918), 'The Circus' (1928) and 'City Lights' (1931) were taken by the film cameramen on set. See www.charliechaplin.com; Bubbles Inc. SA - Chaplin Images.

Nikky Corker writes: My inspiration comes from life itself and the little things that make us happy. Colours and characters, sunshine and smiles…memories of carefree childhood holidays… the quirky humour that can be found in almost any situation. Meeting people and making friends is what life is all about, and through my work I have been fortunate to do just that. The smile I wear and the giggle I get from putting life down on a canvas is reflected on the faces of others… what better motivation is there than that! My work is mainly in acrylic, published as greetings cards and prints. www.nikkycorker.com

Nick Cudworth is an internationally-acclaimed artist, based in Bath, with paintings and drawings in many public and private collections around the world, including the National Portrait Gallery, London. Nick works in oil and pastel, and his work includes landscape, still life and portraiture. http://www.nickcudworth.co.uk/

Jenny Day is a contemporary artist who lives in Essex. She has been passionate about art from an early age. She works mainly in oils, but is interested in experimenting with other media. Her subjects are mostly old movie star icons, and musicians, but she also enjoys painting places, buildings, abstract and seascapes... whatever inspires her. She describes herself as a perfectionist, taking great care over fine detail, and to capture the essence and true likeness of the person she paints.  www.jennyday.co.uk

Patrice de Villiers writes: ... the seminal career moment happened in the form of being asked to shoot for the Sunday Times illustrating their food pages...the only brief from the director being that he didn't want anything boring on his lightbox, which I've often cited as the best way to ever commission a photographer. Since then the subject matter has varied ... in short, there's been an infinite variety which fuels the desire to keep trying for the perfect shot, whatever the subject matter and that's the key to the driving force, the next picture you take might be the best. www.patricedevilliers.com/

Steve English is a freelance cartoonist who produces a number of cartoon strips for newspapers and magazines covering history, science fiction and animal antics. He is also the author of a number of illustrated resource books for churches and Sunday schools. Titles include I Scream Sunday and The Potted Guide to Theology. Over the last few years he has also drawn for The Horrible Histories and Horrible Science Collections and Scooby-Doo World of Mystery. In 2007 his cartoon strip Madd Science was judged by the Beano editor as the funniest cartoon available for mobile phones. His work can be found at www.deadseacomics.co.uk


Shawna Erback is a self-taught and self-representing artist, who paints full time. 'Art is in my blood...it's not just a talent or something I do, it's who I am.' Shawna's passion for painting is leading her down exciting paths. Her soft surreal style is like being part of a quiet dream. Currently, she is focused on her 'Chronicles of a Journey' series, a story that takes the viewer on an adventure with a girl and her pet in a dreamscape world. 'I paint a story of love and hope which envelopes the viewer with passion, remembrance and contemplation.' http://shawnaerback.com

Self-taught artist, Tony Fernandes, began drawing and painting at an early age. Aged 10, his first published work appeared on television, when he sent jokes and cartoons to Saturday morning shows. Honing his talent through the 70s and 80s he first came to international notice when the British Government presented his works as part of their official gift to the Australian Government during the Bicentennial Celebrations in 1988. His highly original approach to this subject matter has made his work much sought-after in the Licensing profession, with work held in private and public collections throughout the world. www.tonyfernandes.co.uk

Fiona Flame is the design name for Fiona Davies, a Bath-based Interior Designer who runs Flame Interiors. When she's not busy with interior design, she likes to work on product designs and her own artwork. She describes herself as 'an all round good egg. Fabulous, fun, colourful, quirky, deep and very into detail, but able to laugh about it and most stuff!' www.flame-interiors.com

Richard Ford was brought up in Hampshire where he still lives, and developed an interest in bird watching and nature early in life. He was given his first pair of binoculars at the age of eight and first SLR camera in his early teens. The film photography years produced little more than dots in the background, but the enthusiasm for the subject rarely wavered and was given a boost with plentiful possibilities that digital photography supplies. These days if Richard isn’t out attempting to photograph wildlife he is planning his next foray out into the field. www.digitalwildlife.co.uk

Helen Foster Design - with a down-to-earth and fun approach, Helen uses her background in fine art and digital media to engage the viewer in a unique and sensitive way. She combines humour and intelligence into eloquent forms that express character and personality in a diverse range of styles. Appealing to children and adults alike, she makes use of bold colours to describe the emotions between the characters portrayed. Sometimes, she also just likes making pretty patterns! www.helenfosterdesign.co.uk

Assaf Frank, UK-based Israeli photographer, travels the world shooting images with a difference, using  a Hasselblad H1 with a Phase One digital back of 22 mega pixels. His work includes abstract, close-up flowers, food, cityscapes and landscapes. ‘I’m a perfectionist and use my camera as an extension of my creativity, using low depth of field to achieve abstract images and simple composition. I love colours and use my creativity to get the right ‘feel’ from the image by changing the colour schemes.’ To view more of Assaf’s work, please visit www.frankprints.com

John Freeman is one of the UK's best known editorial photographers. He is the author of many  books on photography which have sold in excess of 1,000,000 copies worldwide. He has his own gallery on London's Southbank in the  Oxo Tower. His work covers such subjects as the body, landscape and food from locations throughout the world. www.johnfreeman-photographer.com/

Sheila Gill lives near the Peak District National Park, a great source of inspiration for her work. She uses watercolour as her main medium because of its unpredictability and transient nature. ‘Just when you think you have the hang of it, it surprises you… I love the way rich pigmented colours move in the water…almost as if they have a life of their own.  I like to guide them on to the paper rather than command them.’ Sheila has painted a variety of animals in recent years, but her fondness for the romantic images of Venice has also inspired her work. www.sheilagill.co.uk

Niki Gorick has established herself as one of London’s most exciting black & white photographers, renowned for capturing the essence of the city’s landscape and people in a uniquely evocative style.  From her early experience as a theatre photographer, she has the unerring ability to catch the moment, that one defining moment, when all the elements come together to convey the true character of a city.  'London is a passion of mine and has been for many years. Walking its streets, my aim is to capture the interaction between London’s extraordinarily varied cityscape and the life of Londoners that whirls around, through and across it every day.'  www.nikigorick.com

Rachael Hale® - the world’s most lovable animals.  The Rachael Hale® Brand’s success is built on a unique ability to capture the delightful character of a whole variety of our favourite animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits and ponies. An incredible range of Rachael Hale® products is available in over 80 countries around the world. www.rachaelhale.com

Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway are the highly successful founders of Red or Dead which won the British Fashion Council’s 'Street Style Designer of the Year' award three times in a row in the late 90’s. In 1999, having sold Red or Dead, they set up HemingwayDesign, which specialises in affordable and social design. Their highest profile project is award-winning the Straiths South Bank, a 800 property mass-market housing project on Tyneside. From housing to radios, wallpapers and garden sheds, HemingwayDesign is proving that great design doesn’t have to cost the earth ...now add some great blinds. www.hemingwaydesign.co.uk


House-Mouse Designs®: Ellen Jareckie was born in Vermont, and spent much of her childhood drawing. Her many pets included an enchanting little mouse which her sister brought home from school. Caring for this tiny creature, and subsequently raising a litter of orphaned fieldmice inspired Ellen’s drawing, and, from this, House-Mouse Designs® was born. In addition to drawing exclusively for House-Mouse Designs®, Ellen volunteers to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife, some of which are also featured in her artwork. See more of Ellen’s work at www.house-mouse.com

Humphrey's Corner by Sally Hunter is the delightful range of elephant characters - Humphrey, Lottie and Baby Brother Jack - whose personalities, toys, bedrooms and different antics are based on those of Sally's three children. Sally's childhood memories also feature in what Sally describes as 'essentially one big walk down memory lane for me...!' www.humphreys-corner.com/

Simon King is a well-known wildlife cameraman and presenter. His work takes him all over the planet, allowing him to capture in photographs some of nature's spectacular flora and fauna. In his evocative imagery you will sense the intimacy and serenity which reflects Simon's calm and knowledgeable approach to his subject. For more information about Simon and his work, visit www.simonkingwildlife.com

The Land of Lost Content is the world’s largest archive of 20th and 21st century British popular culture. It is the result of a lifetime of collecting by Stella and David Mitchell, and the lifetime building of a design research and inspiration resource by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, from their Red or Dead days through to HemingwayDesign. Wayne writes: “Twelve months ago, in association with the… University of Wolverhampton, we digitised the collection to create a wonderful creative resource. Now, for the first time, you can enjoy selected images from the collection on blinds in your home.” www.lolc.co.uk             

Matthew Lindop
writes: the urban landscape is the inspiration for my paintings.  I have a passion for architecture, buildings and structure, and paint using flat colours and hard edges with household gloss paints, which give the work a vibrant, polished, shiny and crisp appearance. I like to work on a large scale so the viewer becomes immersed in the painting. I have successfully completed commissions for The National Health Service, British Telecom and Esquire Magazine, and also undertaken many corporate commissions, including two of London for a top Insurance company. www.matthewlindop.com

The Lowry houses the largest public collection of works by L.S. Lowry in the world. Comprising around 400 items, it includes oil paintings, drawings, pastels and watercolours. The collection represents the wide range of subject matter depicted by the artist, from classic industrial scenes to seascapes, landscapes and portraits, among which are Lowry’s self portrait as well as the oil paintings of his mother and father which he kept on display in his home throughout his life. www.thelowry.com/

Clare Mackie was born and brought up in the Scottish countryside surrounded by animals and insects, and her passion for the natural world stems from these roots. Having headed south to London, she carved out a successful career in illustration, working for clients as varied as Chanel, Tatler, IBM, The New Yorker, Macallan Whisky, Harvey Nichols, BBC among many others. She is currently working on writing and illustrating children's books, illustrating a weekly column in Country Life and continuing to paint works for her licensing clients. www.claremackie.com

MADART (Megan Aroon Duncanson) is a Contemporary Artist creating original art full of light and laughter.  Megan’s unique style is a mix of contemporary eclecticism and Pop with bold vibrant colors.  Her goal is to bring happiness and joy into people's lives through art.   Megan strives for her art to have an element of surprise and affect each person on a personal level with elements they can relate to from their own life-experiences.  Every time someone looks at one of her paintings and it makes them smile, she knows she has achieved part of her dream and purpose in life. www.madartgallery.net


Colourist, Luke Maitland, is a versatile painter, who enjoys working with an array of styles and media. Growing up in Bath, Luke studied Art Foundation at Bath College, before completing a Fine Art degree. A year spent in Western Australia strongly influenced Luke's studio practice... vivid paintings fusing traditional West Country scenes with light. The resulting images combine intense, brilliant colour with a drawing style and subject matter that is quintessentially English. www.lukemaitland.com/

Ana Martin is a digital artist, based in Spain, who is 'in love with the new technologies together with the art world. This union gives me the opportunity to express through the forms (as if they were sculptures suspended in absolute space)... The ultimate purpose is that the viewer is part of the set, giving the impression that they can almost touch'.

Gareth McCormack is an Irish landscape photographer focusing on the pursuit of rare and vivid natural light. His love of outdoor exploration enables him to access rarely-frequented locations, like the summit of a mountain during a winter sunset. The resulting photographs typically combine dramatic light with dynamic landforms. His images have been used in advertisements for corporate clients ranging from American Express to Tourism Ireland, and editorial images have appeared in National Geographic and Time magazines. http://www.garethmccormack.com

Motoring Picture Library, based at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, is one of the largest motoring picture collections in the world, with close to 100,000 colour transparencies and nearly one million black-and-white photographs filed and catalogued with thousands of digital originals. Its subject matter includes cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles; the motor industry, motor sport, the social history of motoring, and a huge range of motoring and motor sport personalities. It also includes spectacular motoring art in the form of sales brochures, posters and paintings. www.motoringpicturelibrary.com/

The Natural History Museum is a research institution and visitor attraction with a unique collection of natural history objects at its heart. Its historic landmark buildings house much of its national collection of 70 million treasures from the natural world, including 6 million rare books and manuscripts. Its scientific expertise is unique in that it is based on data from, and interpretation of, that collection. It generates knowledge of the natural world, and leads international debate on related issues. http://www.nhm.ac.uk

Berni Parker is a versatile artist, who lives and works from her home studio in rural Worcestershire. Influenced by her love of the countryside and her surrounding environment, she has created an appealing light and feminine style. Her most refined individual technique uses multi-layered hand-made papers laying down colour using a variety of media and materials. This produces images that have a delicate soft three-dimensional quality and texture. This very special hand crafted and charming style is said to be unique and that ‘the picture can be touched with your eyes'. www.berniparkerdesigns.com/home.htm

Jill Perry says, 'From the most complex to the simplest of my images, the inspiration comes from anything that has touched my life... an experience, something seen, read or dreamt. Some works are based on particular events in my life, where memories hold a rich source of material; others are drawn from traditional folklore, fairytales, myths and legends. Nature and my interaction with it plays an important part in many of my works, and most of the creatures represented have been part of my life at some time or other.' www.jillperry.com 

John Pettifor, Calamity Creations, is an artist, illustrator and animator based in Hove.  Until recently he was a Design Engineer and part time artist, but now has given up his engineering job to concentrate full time on his art, illustrations and animations. John sells his originals, prints and calendars through his website and other online galleries.  The medium John has been developing is a mixture of 3D digital and watercolour work . He likes to mix his design skills to create realistic but artistic images. www.calamitycreations.co.uk

Sue Pettifor, Calamity Creations: Sue’s passion is flowers, particularly their shapes and vibrant colours. Macro photography explodes the natural colours and captures the intricate close-up detail that is so often unnoticed.  Sue Pettifor has been a keen photographer for over 20 years and has exhibited her work at the Brighton Festival’s Artists’ Open Houses. She has an online gallery www.suepettifor.co.uk which shows more beautiful flowers. Sue is now working in partnership with her husband John, managing their art and design business, Calamity Creations. www.calamitycreations.co.uk 

Sue Porter is a photographic artist who graduated from Harrow School of Art, and more recently has studied new techniques in digital photography. Her interest in architecture combined with developments in digital technology inspired her to create a unique series of photographic images. From her original photographs of local landmarks she explores a diverse mix of design styles from traditional through to contemporary. Sue's images are also sold as limited edition prints via galleries and retailers, or via www.vanillawhite.com 

Paul Powis and Sara Hayward are professional artists, based in Worcestershire, and working internationally. They are passionate about art, drawing, painting and printmaking, working with galleries, fine art publishers and advertising agencies. Their images and prints include landscape, seascape, still life, abstracts and portraits. Their work is full of vitality and energy, and is the embodiment of expression and creativity. They are inspired by the landscape in all its forms, and human interaction. They work in different styles yet their work complements each other. 

Colin Prior lives in Glasgow, and is one of Britain's leading landscape photographers. His spectacular panoramic images capture the beauty and eternal quality of the world's wild places, especially those of his own native Scotland. He brings to his work a strong personal vision combined with supreme technical mastery of his chosen medium. Each photograph uniquely captures fleeting moments of nature, and it is this timeless quality that is the hallmark of Colin's work. Through his work, Colin is keen to use the power of photography to change the way people see the world. 

Malcolm Sanders - after running several Fine Art galleries, Malcolm spent the greater part of his professional life working as an art director and artist's agent, and began producing his own work only in recent years, beginning with photography, and then experimenting with other media. He works from London, but travels extensively, and finds that every new experience can provide invaluable inspiration for his work. www.malcolmsanders.com

Clive Sawyer has travelled the world as a professional photographer, commissioned to capture images of some of the world’s most interesting and beautiful locations. With an artist’s eye for the play of colour, light and texture, and a photographer’s instinct for catching the perfect moment in time, Clive vividly captures the beauty and drama of the world around him. Whether it’s a contemporary composition or a classic scene of nature, an awe-inspiring landscape or an intimate study of texture, the unrivalled detail of a Clive Sawyer image is nothing short of astounding. 

Viktor Schreckengost was a key figure in the first era of modern design, and his paintings, sculpture, pottery, and industrial designs are widely exhibited in museums around the United States. Throughout a long working career, he applied a creative philosophy, linking artistically dramatic form with an object's function, which resulted in design that was nearly always remarkable and very often revolutionary. He designed stage sets, printing presses, ride-on lawn mowers, electric fans and bicycles, whilst also winning awards for paintings and ceramic sculpture, and somehow also finding time to establish the Industrial Design Department at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Penny Sobr - 'An adventurer from the beautiful island of New Zealand’, travelled the world and settled for now in Hampstead, London...NW3. ‘I’m not one of those complicated, mixed-up illustrators… I’m not looking for the secret to life … or the answer… I just go on from day to day, takin’ what comes…’  www.pennysobr.com

Jon Sparks is a photographer (and writer) based in Garstang, Lancashire. He specialises in landscape, travel and outdoor pursuits. Jon founded his career on photographing Lancashire and the Lake District, but has now travelled and photographed in more than 30 countries, and has written travel guides to Finland and to the Baltic region. He also writes about photography. www.jon-sparks.co.uk

Pauline Spittle is an artist and freelance illustrator who has loved drawing from a very young age.  Endless family photographs of her pet dog Terrier, ‘Daniel’ and ‘Harry’ formed her first greetings card collection nearly 4 years ago.  Her unique style and fun images evoke emotion and contemporary style.  Based in Surrey, she draws inspiration too from the ever-changing colours and textures of the surrounding countryside. www.paulinealicedesigns.com

Mr Smith is Martin Smith, a photographer, who has spent more than thirty years building up a collection of captivating images from around the world. He photographs the parts of the world that interest him most. He has travelled to many well-known locations, as well as several others off the beaten track, and concentrates on four themes: Great Road Trips; Everyday People; Urban Landscapes; and The Natural World. As he says, 'There's a part of me in every one of my shots... a special memory and a story to be shared'. http://www.mrsmithworldphotography.co.uk/

Annie Tempest is one of Britain's best loved cartoonists. In 1993 Annie embarked upon her current internationally acclaimed cartoon strip 'Tottering-by-Gently' for Country Life Magazine. She casts her gimlet eye over everything from inter-generational tensions, the differing perspectives of men and women, to dieting, field sports, and much more. Her now international following proves that she touches a note of universal truth in her exquisitely detailed and beautifully executed cartoons as she gently laughs with us at the stuff of life. www.tottering.com

Chuck Trunks is a Los Angeles-based pop artist, who sees the world in black and white, yet insists on adding colour. He describes his art as 'the aftermath of a struggle between logic and imagination'. During the 80s, he challenged both sides of his brain by studying Fine Art at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, and earning a BS in Biochemistry at North Carolina State University. Today, Chuck's eye-catching precision abstracts are featured in numerous publications, galleries and private collections around the world. To see more of his work, or to contact him, please visit his website at www.chucktrunks.com

V&A Images is the picture library for the Victoria and Albert Museum, supplying images from the collections for academic and commercial use.  V&A Images is part of V&A Enterprises Ltd (VAE) the trading company for the Museum whose principle aim is to maximise profits for the V&A, enabling it to continue its work in terms of access, education and the support of the creative industries.  www.vam.ac.uk

The Victoria and Albert Museum is the world's greatest museum of art and design, with collections unrivalled in their scope and diversity. The museum houses amazing artefacts from many of the world's richest cultures including ceramics, furniture, fashion, glass, jewellery, metalwork, photography, sculpture, textiles and paintings.  The Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, part of the V&A, is home to one of the world's largest and oldest collections of toys and childhood artefacts, dating from the 16th century to the present day. www.vam.ac.uk

The World of Timba and Lula is inspired from the original collection of stories written and illustrated by Natalie Munro. The stories follow the adventures of ‘Timba’ – the gentle, wise and strong bear, and ‘Lula’ – the loving, cheeky and funny bunny as they discover the wonderful world around them with all of their friends. For more information and to obtain additional insight, please visit www.bearbum.co.za

Peter Williams was a photographer for over forty years, with clients such as Benson & Hedges and William Grant & Sons in the advertising world, and the Observer Magazine, Pan books, Penguin in the editorial field. In the 80s he moved into the area of book illustration, and shot over 30 titles - crafts, food and flowers.  He worked for the Guardian Magazine food for two years (winning the Glenfiddich Food and Drink award in 2000), then the food page for the Sunday Telegraph Magazine. From 2000 he also contributed to 'Kew' magazine published by the Royal Botanic Gardens. www.peashooter.org

Images from the archives of the Worcester Porcelain Museum. On the site of the Royal Worcester Porcelain factory in the heart of historic Worcester, the museum houses unique ceramic collections, archives and records illustrating the long and illustrious history of porcelain manufacture. This very special collection of pattern books, prints, sketches and original drawings has also inspired generations of designers. www.worcesterporcelainmuseum.org