HEATHER ANGEL - NATURAL VISIONS - wildlife photographer -

CAROL ARNOLD - Stained Glass Artist -

DEBORAH AZZOPARDI - world-wide successful Pop Artist -

ROWAN BARNES-MURPHY - interpretive creative illustrator and artist -

BOB BYERLEY - professional American artist -

CHARLIE CHAPLIN - the photographs of Charlie Chaplin are cared for by Association Chaplin -

NIKKY CORKER - happy, cheerful, colourful art - mainly acrylic -

JENNY DAY - contemporary artist of movie star and musician icons -

PATRICE DE VILLIERS - fabulous food photographer -

STEVE ENGLISH - freelance cartoonist covering history, science fiction and animal antics -

SHAWNA ERBACK - self-taught artist - surreal, dream-like artwork -

TONY FERNANDES - maritime artist -

THE FLOWER FAIRIES - Cicely Mary Barker's magical Flower Fairies illustrations -

RICHARD FORD - bird and wildlife photography -

HELEN FOSTER DESIGN - down-to-earth, fun and humorous, appealing to adults and children alike -

ASSAF FRANK -  photographer - abstracts, close-up flowers, food, cityscapes and landscapes -

FREDERICA CARDS LIMITED - Bath-based card company, specialising in classic designs inspired by British traditions -

JOHN FREEMAN - renowned editiorial photographer - great shots and many books on photography -

SHEILA GILL FINE ART - watercolours, animals, Venice, Peak District -

NIKI GORICK - exciting London black-and-white photography, capturing the city and people in a uniquely evocative way -

RACHAEL HALE - New Zealand photographer - the world's most loveable animals -

WAYNE AND GERARDINE HEMINGWAY - Hemingway Design - affordable and social design -

HOUSE-MOUSE DESIGNS - Ellen Jareckie artist -

JUICY LUCY DESIGNS - magical fairies and humour -

SIMON KING - wildlife cameraman and presenter -

THE LAND OF LOST CONTENT - world's largest archive of 20th and 21st British popular culture -  

MATTHEW LINDOP - urban landscape artist -

THE LOWRY - houses the largest public collection of works by L.S. Lowry, including oil paintings, drawings, pastels and watercolours -

CLARE MACKIE - Scottish artist and illustrator with a passion for the natural world -

MEGAN AROON DUNCANSON (MADART) - contemporary artist creating original art full of light and laughter -

LUKE MAITLAND - colourist and versatile painter from Bath -

MOTORING PICTURE LIBRARY - based at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu - one of the largest motoring picture collections in the world -

BERNI PARKER DESIGNS - artwork in an appealing, light and feminine style, including fairies and 'Ladies who Lunch' -
JILL PERRY - vibrant, colourful artwork inspired by 'anything that has touched my life' -

JOHN PETTIFOR, CALAMITY CREATIONS - artist, illustrator and animator, who mixes his design skills to create realistic but artistic images -

SUE PETTIFOR, CALAMITY CREATIONS - fabulous flower macro-photography, capturing intricate, close-up detail -


ATADESIGNS - Designer of award-winning wallpapers and murals -