Creatively Different Roller Blinds

Photo Quality

What size and quality of photo is acceptable for a Photo Blind?

Your roller blind will be considerably larger than the average-sized photograph, so using a digital camera of at least 6 megapixels will help you to take a photograph with a high enough resolution to ensure a great result. Please set your camera to the highest resolution possible, and save your image in either jpeg or raw format.

Ideally, we'd like the photo to be of around 20 megabyte size for the best results, but it may be possible to work with slightly less (e.g., 10-15 mb), depending on the size of the roller blind. Please note that when the image is saved in a jpeg format, it will appear to be less than 20 megabytes, as the image will be compressed. If you are unsure, please do call us or email, and we will be happy to help. If you send us your photograph, we are always happy to look at it, and to advise whether it will be suitable.

PLEASE NOTE: Photographs taken with mobile-phone cameras are not suitable for a Photo Blind. This is principally because the lens on a phone camera is much smaller than on a digital camera. As a result, when the image is enlarged for printing, it will be distorted.

My photograph wasn’t taken with a digital camera – can I still have it printed on a blind?

In many cases, yes, this is possible. If  you have a photograph which wasn’t taken on a digital camera, and are unsure of its quality, please telephone us (0800 085 2055), and we will be happy to discuss any issues with you. We are also happy to look at the photograph, and advise if it is of a high enough quality to use for printing onto a roller blind. If there is any retouching work to be done, we will telephone you to discuss this, and will advise if there is any cost attached to this work.

Please remember to give us a contact telephone number or email address and return postal address, so that we can return the photograph to you.


Can you retouch my photograph to improve its quality before printing?

We are happy to undertake a small amount of retouching work (e.g., removal of ‘red eye’) at no extra cost.  Should we consider that your photograph requires further work in order to achieve the best result possible, we will, of course, email or telephone you to discuss this, and to advise you if there is any extra cost for this work. 

How can I be sure how my photo or chosen image will look on my roller blind?

Before we proceed to production, we will send you by email a proof of your chosen photo or image to show you how it will appear on your roller blind.

However, it is important to bear in mind that some images will be more suited to portrait-shaped windows, and some to landscape-shaped windows. Please see our 'Cropping Your Photo' advice within our Help section for further information on this.

Copyright Notice:

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you own the copyright of the photograph you send us, or have the permission of the copyright holder to use the photograph in this way.

Please also note that we reserve the right to refuse to print a photographic image provided by a customer for reproduction onto a roller blind if, in our opinion, the image is inappropriate or offensive, or if, in our opinion, reproduction of an image risks copyright infringement of a third party.

If you would like to know more about your Copyright Policy, please go to our Copyright footer at the bottom of the page.