Creatively Different Roller Blinds

Portrait or Landscape?


Windows are generally portrait-shaped or landscape-shaped. So, before you choose an image from our Gallery, or select one of your own photographs to send to us, it's a good idea to consider the shape of your window.

However, our Image Gallery contains a great selection of images, many of which can be cropped or adapted to work with both window shapes.

Similarly, if the photograph you would like for your photo blind isn't quite the 'right' shape, it is usually quite easy to crop the photo, so that it fits the shape of your window.

Our Design Studio is here to help... so, even if the image you choose for a designer blind, or the photo you would like to use for a photo blind, is not quite the right shape to fit your window, don't worry.

Our designers will - at no extra cost - look carefully at your chosen image or photo in relation to the dimensions of your roller blind, crop the image, and will send you a proof showing how your image/photo will be displayed on your roller blind. If you have given us any special instructions, these will, of course, be taken into account.

Only when you have approved the proof(s) that we send, will we proceed to production of your roller blind.

If you have any queries and concerns about the layout, you can always email us at or telephone us on 0800 085 2055.